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lindsay Lindsay D.

Being on the Wheel of Fortune was a dream come true!!! 🤩 The first email from Sony Pictures I thought for sure it was spam.... I just COULD NOT believe I had been selected to play the game I'd been watching on TV for 4 DECADES!!! 🎇 I was so excited and anxious on tape day, I had to pinch myself!! I practiced by watching lots more WHEEL OF FORTUNE and also playing hangman with my kids.

What surprised me the most??? The sound of the Wheel spinning is exactly as it sounds on TV- and spinning the Wheel was one of the coolest experiences. That, and meeting Vanna and Pat (really all the friendly faces that put on the show)!!

We held a watch party the night of my episode and it will be a core memory I'll have for the rest of my life. We even turned the show into a drinking game.... ha! I may not have won my game, but I had my family and friends rooting me on as I played a game that I love. Could not have asked for a better experience!!!!