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lavonda Lavonda S.

Wow! Where to start? I thought I must be dreaming! I received my long awaited email from WOF and as I started to read through the email, I realized that this was the real deal! My mind started racing. I immediately called my husband screaming saying, "Guess what, we're going to Los Angeles!" He knew what that meant. He asked me, "when" and I said, "I don't know because I haven't finished reading the email yet." 😂 We flew down to LA separately because as I told him, "I'm a "contestant in training." 😂

I refused to eat anything heavy the day before. I felt I wouldn't do my best if I was really full and ready to take a nap. On tape day, I was the first to arrive at Sony Studios. I was just in awe! What a blessing! I was at WOF, preparing to take my shot at the Wheel on national television! I was also going to meet Pat and Vanna! Vanna even made an appearance backstage and said "hello" to us all, which I thought was SUPER KIND of her prior to the filming! I truly appreciated that. Everyone was wonderful at Sony... Pat, Vanna, the television producers, the engineers, the camera crew, security personnel, hair stylists and makeup artists! They made this experience truly one that I will NEVER forget!

Here's the recap ...Boy was I nervous when I knew I was next up. It felt very real once I was mic'd up! Lights, camera, action ...none of that bothered me, well actually '"action" did, as it begin to sink in that I would be spinning for real money! Wow! First toss-up, okay I messed it up because I just had so many thoughts in my head. Then I landed on bankrupt a couple of times. "Don't give up," I told myself. Prize puzzle time ...I solved the prize puzzle and I'm on my way to Scotland! Yay, me! I solved another toss-up and I won the game! Bonus Round ...I gave some unique letters, I solved the bonus round puzzle and I won a BMW!!!

I'm so full of joy and so thankful! Thank you WOF! This was truly a dream come true!!