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Kaeley George Wheel of Fortune Contestant Kaeley G.

Oh my GOSH! When I got the email I thought I was going to keel over from sheer excitement and shock! My legs were shaking so much I could hardly walk into the next room to tell my fiancé I was going to be on the show!!!

I practiced by watching the show everyday, nonstop. I also have the Wheel of Fortune game on my phone, and played puzzles online. I even followed a blog that recapped each episode so I could focus my time on the puzzles without watching the entire show.

I learned that it's more difficult than playing from my couch for sure, haha. From home it's just you and the TV. But on set you have to make sure your brain works fast and you have to worry about how fast the other two player's brains are working as well! You spend hours upon hours with the people filming with you that day, so you pick up on their strengths and weaknesses and you learn more about them. It's difficult because you end up wanting to root for them, but then stop yourself because they're playing against YOU. My Prize Puzzle I missed out on, but was so happy for my opponent because she won it and really wanted to retire there.

Wheel means so much to me. I've been watching and admiring since I was 1, and it was so surreal to be on set and be inches from Pat Sajak! He was so friendly and so sweet and kept talking to me during commercial breaks. If I had won nothing, I still would feel on top of the world because out of thousands of people, I WAS PICKED. I was selected. Which is just such a cool thing to be a part of. Do I wish I had won BIG MONEY? Of course. But the experience alone was just so cool, and I'll remember it forever.

Thanks to everyone on the Wheel team for making everything so special, and for selecting me to go on this journey (If you ever have returning players come back, PICK ME!!).