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justin Justin G.

It all began with my MeMa, who recently celebrated her 93rd year. She absolutely loves "Wheel of Fortune" and always looks forward to seeing which dress Vanna White will be wearing next.

Over the years, tuning in to "Wheel of Fortune" had become a cherished family tradition. And oh, what a tradition it was! Especially during the holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas – when my MeMa whipped up her from-scratch family recipes!🎄 The aroma of MeMa's Southern dishes – Turkey, Cornbread, Baked Mac and Cheese, Collard Greens, Sweet Potato Pie, and more – filled the air as we gathered around the television to watch our favorite game show: Wheel of Fortune. 🍽️😋

One evening, I decided to submit an application to be on the show. To be honest, I set my expectations low because I was sure thousands, if not millions, of people were submitting their applications. So, imagine my astonishment when an email notification brought the news of an audition opportunity! My heart started racing very, very fast.

After my first audition, which was a blast, I tried not to get my hopes up too high. I'd read that in previous years, out of over a million applications, only 10,000 got the chance to audition, with a mere 600 ultimately being selected for the show. However, to my surprise, a few weeks later, I received an invitation for a second audition—this one for the "Home for the Holidays Family" edition. The big question was: who should I bring along? My father, mother, and niece immediately came to mind as top contenders. Yet, remembering my niece's exceptional puzzle-solving skills, I felt she'd be the ideal teammate for the show. Our second audition was like an exhilarating roller coaster, filled with both nerves and excitement.

About four weeks later, I was reading a book when a notification from 'Wheel of Fortune' appeared on my tablet. The moment I saw the confirmation of our potential contestant status is one I'll never forget. I was so excited that I began jumping up and down with joy. I immediately called my niece, and she was just as excited. From that moment forward, I turned on my 'A game,' and it was time for my niece and me to prepare to be on Wheel of Fortune. It was surreal.

Our preparation was thorough: we binge-watched past episodes and sharpened our skills with the "Wheel of Fortune" app. We strategized together, celebrated our correct answers, and learned from our misses. But, above all, we bonded and grew, not just as players but as family. #UncleNieceWheelJourney

✈️🌴California and Wheel Fortune Here We Come!

On the day of taping, the entire "Wheel of Fortune" staff was nothing short of amazing. They were supportive, accommodating, and ensured that our experience was unparalleled. Meeting fellow contestants from across the country added a layer of excitement, each sharing their unique stories and passion for the game. Getting to see the Wheel of Fortune set live and meeting the iconic duo, Pat Sajak and Vanna White, was truly a dream come true!

As the air date draws near, my family and I have organized a special gathering to watch our episode together, turning the occasion into a mini-celebration. Wheel of Fortune is so much more than just a game show to us. It embodies family, love, and community. Family and teamwork indeed makes the dream work. Although we secured second place, the memories and experiences from the show are priceless. We're proud and grateful to be part of the Wheel of Fortune Alum.