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Jenn Meany Wheel of Fortune Jenn M.

My first Zoom “audition” to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune was in November. I was told, if I was selected, they’d send me an email. When I didn’t hear back for a few months, I figured they decided to go a different way. One night in February I was sitting on my couch, watching TV. I told my husband and son to pause the show. I said, “I think I am going to be on Wheel of Fortune.”  They said, “No way!” I read the email as calmly as I could. I was in total shock. “Is this real?!!!” I wondered. After we all stopped hootin’ and hollerin’, we decided it was for real. I immediately downloaded the app and I played it religiously. Probably a bit too much. Any down time that I had, I practiced.

Finally, the day arrived to go to the studio. Being on Wheel was super fun, nerve-wracking, frustrating, and exciting. All the emotions, really. A true rollercoaster. The wheel was not my friend. I solved the toss ups, but every time I spun, I landed on Bankrupt or Lose a Turn. It’s almost unbelievable! I called my husband and son after the taping, and I told them I won $1,000, because that’s the lowest amount you can go home with. I wouldn’t answer any of their questions either. I wanted them to be thoroughly surprised when they watched it. We are planning a “watch party” for April 12. We invited the neighbors, my family, and some friends to come over to watch. My students’ families told me they were all having watch parties. Being on Wheel of Fortune was truly a once in a lifetime experience for me. A true bucket list moment. I’m so glad I applied.