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christine Christine P.

Finding out that I made the show was such a surreal experience! Growing up, I would watch the show every single night with my family, so hearing that I'd be a contestant was a complete shock. Wheel of Fortune was (and still is) a way for my family and I to bond.

I had been practicing for weeks using the mobile app - plus my family and I also own the board game so that was another fun way to practice. Out of all of the puzzles from the show: the prize puzzle was a complete surprise to me. I was focused on really enjoying the moment and rooting for Kelly and Collin! That's another thing I want to point out - both Kelly and Collin are such amazing people and I'm so grateful to have met them through this whole experience. They are both so giving, and fun to be around! We still keep in contact to this day!

After announcing that I'd be on the show, I had so much support from my friends and family! People who I hadn't spoke to in years offered both their love and support, and for that I'm so eternally grateful. Being able to have my family on the show is something that I'll never forget. I love my mom, dad and sister so dearly, so being able to have them support me on the sidelines for the Bonus Round was the real win.

I'm so grateful! This was an experience of a lifetime!! Thank you Wheel of Fortune Team!