Wheel of Fortune - Benefits

Enjoy the “Wheel-y” awesome perks!

Love Wheel? We get it! That’s why we created a club for folks like you. It’s called the Wheel Watchers Club and it’s totally free to join. To start, you get a personal SPIN ID — this is your ticket to winning big. Whenever contestants land on the Mystery Wedge during the show and flip it over, it could reveal $10,000. If they solve the puzzle correctly, they WIN — and so could you. A SPIN ID will be revealed on screen. If it’s yours, you’ve also won $10,000, just like the contestant!* But you have to watch the show and then visit WheelofFortune.com to verify that your number was called (within 24 hours). In addition to having a chance to win $10K, members can get access to VIP tickets to show tapings, entries in sweepstakes, special offers from our partners and more. * Subject to verification of eligibility. See official rules for details.

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