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9/14 - 9/27

Sharing your #WheelWatcher spirit with the world is simpler than solving puzzles. Just snap a photo or 15-second video and upload it to Instagram from your smartphone. We want to see it all…your best Wheel selfie, million-dollar smile, Pat zinger, Vanna look-alike, Jim impressions and more.

Be sure to include the following in your caption:



Example: Hey @wheeloffortune, I’m taking a #spin class to show you my #wheelwatcher spirit!

Celebrate the new season and share your photo or video today!

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  • Use fun Wheel props that you can download here
  • Feature Wheel of Fortune viewing in your post
  • Ensure you’re the only one in the photo or video
  • Upload videos 15-seconds or less (Instagram limit)
  • Tag or mention @WheelofFortune and be sure to use the hashtag #WheelWatcher in every post
  • Remember that Instagram is made for mobile
  • Have fun and be a star!


  • Feature anyone other than the Instagram account holder
  • Upload videos longer than 15 seconds
  • Use copyrighted material like music and logos
  • Share if you don’t want us to share your post
  • Forget to use the hashtag #WheelWatcher

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