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Spin Id Information

The Wheel Watchers Club makes watching Wheel even more rewarding.

Here’s how it works:

• When you join, you get your own “Special Prize Identification Number,” or SPIN ID.

• Watch Wheel weeknights with your SPIN ID handy.

• Whenever contestants land on the Mystery Wedge and flip it over, it could reveal $10,000. If they solve correctly, they WIN– and so could you. A SPIN ID will be revealed on screen.

• If we announce your SPIN ID on air, come to the site within 24 hours and click the button next to “Did my SPIN ID WIN?”.

• If your SPIN ID matches the one we announced, you’ll be prompted to verify your contact information.

• A Wheel representative will call you to finalize your winning status!

There are many chances to win all season long, so be sure to watch Wheel every weeknight. SPIN IDs are reserved exclusively for Wheel Watchers Club members.

See Official Rules for complete details. 

More questions? Check out our FAQs!

You might be a winner if you watched the previous show.

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