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You Asked, Vanna Answered


Many of you have burning questions for our lovely co-host. Vanna has been kind enough to answer some of the most common questions she receives from you loyal Wheel Watchers. Take a look!

Have you ever worn the same dress twice? No, never. I’ve worn over 6,000 dresses on the show and never the same one twice.

Do you get to keep your clothes? No, they are returned to the designers after I wear them. I don’t have room for 6,000 dresses in my closet! J

Of all the cities you’ve visited on the road with Wheel, which is your favorite? I think each city has something special to offer, which I enjoy, but being in Hawaii is probably my favorite because we tape our shows outdoors.

How do you stay in shape? I exercise at least five days a week. I spin, jog, do Pilates, lift light weights, and do sit-ups and push-ups.

Do you diet? Not really. I try and watch what I eat, though. I also only eat when I’m hungry.

Do you know the puzzle solution before it’s revealed? I do! Right before each round, I go behind the puzzleboard, and there is a graph with the puzzles laid out as they will appear in the game.

Do you miss turning the letters instead of touching them? No. Back in 1997 we changed the puzzleboard to an electronic one, which saved lots of time for production. It also made my job easier!

Do you enjoy your job? Yes, I love my job!

Is your real name Vanna White? Yes

How did you get the job on Wheel? I auditioned along with 200 other girls, and Merv Griffin selected me in November 1982. Thank you, Merv!

Are you a good speller? Yes. I always aced my spelling tests in school!

How many children do you have? Two: a boy and a girl. Nicholas, born in 1994; and Giovanna, born in 1997.