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Make a Wheel Watcher’s holiday wish come true!


We get a lot of fan mail, comments, contestant requests and more. With so much love for Wheel, our fans are always coming up with new, creative ways to show off their passion for Pat, Vanna, Jim and the entire crew but we must say, 17-year old Daniel may have outdone most. He developed a fully functioning Wheel and puzzleboard concept (with Pat, Vanna and three contestants) out of LEGOs, but Daniel didn’t stop there. He submitted his design to the folks at LEGO in hopes of having it made into an actual set that is available to the public. This is where you come in! In order for his design to be considered for production, Daniel needs your support. Head over to his LEGO Ideas page and click “Support” to get started. It’ll take a few minutes of your time, and if it’s made, you’ll have even more ways to play! Thanks for such a great design, Daniel—we’re rooting for you!