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Important information regarding Sony Rewards Points


As you may know, in an effort to make the Wheel Watchers Club more “spin-tastic,” we’re doing away with Sony Rewards Points. You can continue entering each night’s Bonus Round Puzzle, but you’ll be playing for bragging rights only until we announce the new perks. You can continue to redeem your Sony Rewards Points through March 31, 2015, and if you have a valid Sony Card or PlayStation Credit Card linked to your Sony Rewards account, then the Sony Rewards Points earned in the Wheel Watchers Club will expire five years from the end of the calendar month in which you earned them. If you have any questions regarding your points or account, don’t hesitate to reach out at SonyRewards.com. You can also refer to our FAQ section for more info.

Thanks for watching and being a loyal Wheel Watchers Club member. 

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