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For his birthday, we'd like to "direct" your attention to Bob!


You know the term “hard work pays off?” Well, if there’s one guy who can attest to its truth, it’s Wheel’s recently named Director, Bob Cisneros. As if his story was taken right out of a movie (or a hit Broadway show), Bob started his career in the mailroom at CBS. But he didn’t earn the prestigious, new title right away — over the years this jack-of-all-trades has held roles such as Production Supervisor, Stage Manager and Associate Director. Now well into his first year as Director for America’s Game®, Bob is only the third Director in Wheel’s 31-plus years on the air.

Join us in cheering on Bob as he celebrates his birthday with the Wheel of Fortune family!

“Bob has been an extremely valuable member of the Wheel family for more than 25 years. We are so pleased to continue our tradition of promoting from within and delighted to see Bob in the director’s chair.”

- Harry Friedman, Executive Producer

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