French, Handlebar, Wheel? Our former contestants are all over social media with their Wheel of Fortune #namestaches. Check out some of them here, and see more on our social pages. If you’ve been on Wheel, we want to see yours, too, so post a picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and we might re-post yours! Just remember, a #namestache can’t be grown ...it can only be earned.

Vanna and deep dish pizza

Remember Rufus’ Grand Slam Solve? Now he’s rocking a
championship namestache.

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Pat and Vanna enjoy malts and hot dogs

Megan is a game show guru! We love her Jeopardy! hat, too.

Vanna holds a giant soft pretzel

Robert nearly aced his game, and he can rock a #namestache!? Is there anything he can’t do?

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Pat and Vanna eat Philly Cheesesteaks

Who needs a new baby buggy when you’ve got a #namestache?

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Pat and Vanna taste spintacular party cake

The doctor will see your #namestache now!

Vanna snacks on chicken salad

When your #namestache matches your eyes, that’s true fashion.