Hungry, Hungry Hosts

When Pat and Vanna aren’t hosting, they seem to spend a lot of time eating! Whether on set or on location, our co-hosts enjoyed a bevvy of scrumptious cuisine this season. Bon appétit!

Vanna and deep dish pizza

Vanna requested a light snack while filming in Chicago. ;)

Pat and Vanna enjoy malts and hot dogs

Why choose one flavor? Vanna and Pat shook things up at Chicago’s Superdawg.

Vanna holds a giant soft pretzel

Think this pretzel the size of Vanna’s head will be enough to hold her over until dinner? ;)

Pat and Vanna eat Philly Cheesesteaks

These cheesesteaks were from Pat’s and Geno’s, but they quickly became Pat’s and Vanna’s!

Pat and Vanna taste spintacular party cake


Vanna snacks on chicken salad

All of Vanna’s dresses are coated with chicken salad repellant.

Pat and Vanna say cheers

These two really know how to class up a joint.

Vanna Banana Pudding

Vanna dressed appropriately to sample the Mr. Food Test Kitchen’s Vanna Banana Pudding.

Pat holds red apple

An apple a day keeps the BANKRUPTS away.

Throwback to Vanna slicing giant Wheel of Fortune cake

She said, “I didn’t know whether to cut it or spin it!” #Throwback

We hope you found some culinary inspiration from Pat and Vanna’s foodie adventures this season – or at least had a good chuckle! Be sure to check out our other stories from Season 33 all summer long.