Guess the Theme Week

This past season, we posted pictures on our Facebook page of Pat and Vanna on mystery backgrounds that hinted at the theme week and asked you to guess the theme. Some of your ideas cracked us up! Check out the images, the theme weeks, and your funniest guesses.

Theme Week: Secret Santa Family Week
Funniest Guess: Brrr, Vanna needs a coat!

Theme Week: Fun & Fit
Funniest Guess: Getting Physical

Theme Week: College Road Trip
Funniest Guess: Giving away a CAAAARRRRR!

Theme Week: Big Money
Funniest Guess: Happy People

Theme Week: Great American Cities - Seattle
Funniest Guess: Rainy Days and Mondays

Theme Week: Great American Cities - Philadelphia
Funniest Guess: Siblings Week

We asked if you LIKE or LOVE America’s Game, and your comments warmed our hearts. Here are a few highlights. And for the record, we love you, too!

  • Love Wheel of Fortune, watch every night!!
  • We have dinner every night with Pat and Vanna.
  • Love America's Game!
  • Love Wheel of Fortune!!! Like an old friend.
  • Love it. Watching it now.
  • We love it!
  • Love love love. Keeps my brain working.
  • It’s my favorite game show.
  • Absolutely adore it!