Wheel of Fortune - Featured Contestant Blog Archive

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Julie & Robert S

    Show Air Date: Jul 10 2017

    I’ve watched Wheel of Fortune since back in the day when you actually went shopping for prizes right on the show with the money you won.  So when the Wheelmobile started coming to New Mexico, I made sure I was there.  My husband’s name got called to go up on stage.  I was a bit bummed out, but happy that one of us got called.  Unfortunately, a couple of months later, my husband failed to open the email they sent him to come for an audition.  I took...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Nicole T

    Show Air Date: Jul 03 2017

    “You have been selected as a contestant for Wheel of Fortune.”  Cue me silently screaming and jumping up and down in a classroom when I received a text showing the letter that had arrived that morning.  It was July and I was teaching the summer program so I couldn’t scream, but I did an extensive silent celebration and ran to tell my friend teaching in the room next to mine.  Fast forward two months later when I received an email with my tape date,...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Donya & Shiva

    Show Air Date: Feb 27 2017

    For as long as we remember, we have both loved watching Wheel of Fortune. So, when we opened our inbox and saw the email from Wheel, we were ecstatic! Everything from the audition process to the show itself and meeting Pat and Vanna was an amazing experience that we will never forget. We were twenty thousand dollars behind both teams going into the prize puzzle round, so when we won the prize puzzle to St. Maarten we were both shocked. Not only had we just caught up to the...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Josh P

    Show Air Date: Jul 03 2017

    I grew up watching Wheel of Fortune with my family every night after dinner. Never did I ever imagine that I would one day be a contestant on the show! I have always been good at solving the puzzles and would typically be able to figure them out before anyone else in my family. For years, my mom encouraged me to try out for the show. I got as far as filling out the online application once only to realize that I needed to also submit an audition video, which prevented me from applying....

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Emily H.

    Show Air Date: Jun 19 2017


    I grew up watching Wheel of Fortune and have always been a big fan of the show.  From watching my grandmother, Ruby, solve the puzzles effortlessly when we’d watch together to playing the board game with my friend, Autumn, the show has always been special to me.  That’s why when my friend, Erin, told me the Wheelmobile was coming to our town I knew I had to go with her to try out!  While I didn’t get called onto the stage that day to audition,...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Joanna D

    Show Air Date: Jun 12 2017

    What is your Wheel story and what made you apply to be on Wheel?

    I have been watching Wheel of Fortune since I was very little.  When I would visit or be babysat by either sets of my grandparents growing up, we would make sure to watch. Now that I have two little boys, we use Wheel of Fortune as a way for the boys to learn their letters.  It’s fun for the adults and educational for the boys!

    As we watched at our house, my...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Della H

    Show Air Date: Jun 05 2017

    My sister and I had talked for years about auditioning together for Wheel, so when the Wheelmobile made a stop near my home--and my sister happened to be in California from the east coast--we jumped at the chance. We were both lucky enough to be called on stage to play, although separately. It turned out they were looking for single contestants only. After a second round of auditions and the seemingly endless two-week wait, I received the coveted letter notifying me that I had been...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Matthew L

    Show Air Date: May 29 2017

    Here’s the important stuff:  Pat is wonderfully dry and witty, Vanna is lovely and engaging, and the Wheel is MUCH heavier than I imagined.


    I tried to get on Wheel of Fortune 20 years ago when I had unlimited time on my hands, but eventually resigned that it would never happen.  Cut to early 2017 when my wife and daughters threatened my life if I didn’t give it another go.   We shot a video of me pleading my case while flanked by two very...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Justyna K

    Show Air Date: May 15 2017

    My obsession with Wheel of Fortune began as a little girl. When my mom first came to the United States from Poland, she loved watching the show because she could practice her English while marveling at Vanna’s beautiful looks. When she found out Pat Sajak had Polish roots and was from Chicago (near Brighton Park, where she and my dad settled once they got married) she became an even bigger fan. She passed along her love of reading, crossword puzzles, and Wheel to me, and...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Carrie T

    Show Air Date: May 09 2017

    Like many contestants, my earliest memories of Wheel of Fortune are watching with my Grandmother. In those days, contestants would spend their earnings in the show’s store. It seemed like everyone went home with the ceramic Dalmatian statue. While a lot of details have changed, my love of the show hasn’t. If anything, it has grown, as I now watch daily with my toddler.

     When we found out the Wheelmobile was coming to Faneuil Hall in Boston, my husband said,...