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  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Justyna K

    Show Air Date: May 15 2017

    My obsession with Wheel of Fortune began as a little girl. When my mom first came to the United States from Poland, she loved watching the show because she could practice her English while marveling at Vanna’s beautiful looks. When she found out Pat Sajak had Polish roots and was from Chicago (near Brighton Park, where she and my dad settled once they got married) she became an even bigger fan. She passed along her love of reading, crossword puzzles, and Wheel to me, and...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Carrie T

    Show Air Date: May 09 2017

    Like many contestants, my earliest memories of Wheel of Fortune are watching with my Grandmother. In those days, contestants would spend their earnings in the show’s store. It seemed like everyone went home with the ceramic Dalmatian statue. While a lot of details have changed, my love of the show hasn’t. If anything, it has grown, as I now watch daily with my toddler.

     When we found out the Wheelmobile was coming to Faneuil Hall in Boston, my husband said,...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Jeannine R

    Show Air Date: May 11 2017

    It was a damp and misty Friday in October 2016 in Northeast Ohio. The Wheelmobile had been advertised in the weeks leading up to this day as coming to the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield Park, and I toyed with the idea of going during that time to audition. When the day finally came my husband said he wanted me to have a chance of getting on the show and drove me up there. If it hadn’t have been for him, I wouldn’t have gone, but boy am I glad we did! We stood in line for about...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Karline S

    Show Air Date: Apr 27 2017

    I have been watching Wheel of Fortune since I was in elementary school. I have always loved crossword puzzles and any kind of word game, so naturally Wheel of Fortune became my favorite game show to watch. I used to play along trying to solve the puzzles with contestants and saw that I was good at it, even the ones contestants had difficulty solving. I felt so confident in my puzzle-solving skills that I used to tell my friends that I would go on the show someday. When I heard that the...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Lauren W

    Show Air Date: Apr 19 2017

    I have watched Wheel since I was a kid with grandmother as I brushed her hair (she had ALS). I even played the old video game. I really love this show. It kind of became a joke that it was on my bucket-list and a life goal to be on the show because I never thought I would actually do it. When the Wheelmobile came to my area I knew I had to go and see it in person, I didn't even think of the possibility of auditioning for the show. My husband is the one who convinced me to audition and I am...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Amanda R

    Show Air Date: Apr 14 2017

     I had recently moved to California and my mom was heading in town to visit from Albuquerque, NM. She and I were adamant about making it on to the show to as audience members so when I received an email that I had been selected to audition I bout lost it. I was so excited and nervous because this is a show that I had grown up watching from a very young age. Leading up to the auditions I was super nervous and played at home day in and day out with my two daughters, Saniyah and Serenity....

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Nic P

    Show Air Date: Mar 28 2017

    My Wheel story really begins with my wife, who was a contestant on the show a few years ago.  She had an amazing experience and was the big winner. I was her biggest fan.  She told me that I should audition the next time the Wheelmobile was in our area.  About a year ago, I got my chance when the Wheelmobile rolled into town.  Seeing that mock stage setup and feeling the music and the energy of the crowd gave me a great preview of what it would be like on...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Derek A

    Show Air Date: Mar 15 2017

    Being on Wheel of Fortune was an incredible experience. I originally had seen on the news about the Wheelmobile event near me, so I thought why not check it out. Now, I never thought my name would be called, so you could imagine my surprise when it was. I let them know that I was a comedian, and even told a joke, which thankfully got a huge laugh. I went to a second audition, which was when I did something really dumb. It was at our local casino, a route that I’ve driven many times,...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Brooke W

    Show Air Date: Feb 17 2017

    Being on Wheel of Fortune was a dream come true for me! Ever since I was a little girl, I had watch the show and hoped that I might someday be on it. So when I heard that the Wheelmobile was coming to Charlotte, I just had to go, even though I couldn’t convince anyone to come with me. Undeterred I drove down there by myself and was fortunate enough for my name to be drawn. I left that day not knowing if I would receive a call back but so happy that I had given it a shot. Fortunately I...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Kristi D

    Show Air Date: Feb 07 2017

    For as long as I can remember I have loved watching Wheel of Fortune.  As a child, I was more interested in Vanna’s dresses than the actual puzzles, but can you blame me? She’s always poised and beautiful, one classy lady, and even classier in person.  As I grew, I began to appreciate the puzzles as well, although I’ve never stopped enjoying Vanna’s gowns. Nowadays, I enjoy watching Wheel of Fortune with my husband and kids who have been telling...