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  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Michael V.

    Show Air Date: Nov 18 2015

    “I CAN DO THIS!”


    This was the phrase I had posted on my wall and that I stared at each and every day since receiving the happiest letter ever…that I was chosen to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune!


    My journey actually began over 30 years ago while dreaming of someday being a contestant on America’s favorite game show. Watching Wheel became an addiction for me, not only in trying to solve the puzzles but also because Vanna...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Michael P.

    Show Air Date: Nov 13 2015

    Earlier this year, I was forwarded an email that Wheel of Fortune was looking for military veterans.  I sent it on to those I felt would make fine contestants, not once thinking I would apply.  As the deadline approached, I agreed to an audition. 


    I had watched Wheel of Fortune many times, but not recently.  And there I was watching it every night to prepare myself for the audition.  But was that going to be enough? I was amazed at the number of...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Michelle G.

    Show Air Date: Nov 06 2015

    Deep appreciation is the best way to describe my attitude about my Wheel of Fortune experience. Since my childhood watching with my family, I recognized the blessings awaiting contestants. And I knew I wanted to be a part of such fun! So my journey began years ago by attending several Wheelmobile events. All were well attended and each event ignited the dream of being a contestant. At my first three Wheelmobile weekends, I totally immersed myself in the spirit of the game as others were...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Sarah I.

    Show Air Date: Oct 27 2015

    Joining the Wheel Watchers Club email list has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.  Why, you ask?!  BECAUSE IT GOT ME HERE!  On the contestants’ blog! As a contestant on WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!  So for me, that’s where this all started.


    I received an email from the Wheel Watchers Club informing me that the Wheelmobile was going to be nearby so my friend and I decided to go!  The day of, I got held up and realized I was...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Sheri B.

    Show Air Date: Oct 21 2015

    My experience with Wheel of Fortune began at a young age. I remember sleeping over at my grandmother’s house and watching Wheel with her. Back in the day, the contestants had to buy prizes with their winnings and I was always happy when one of the contestants had to buy that Dalmatian dog! My grandmother always commented on how good I was at solving the puzzles. I continued to be a Wheel watcher (and still am) and even my husband stated that I was a brilliant couch contestant. It was...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Noelle C.

    Show Air Date: Oct 12 2015

    My Wheel of Fortune journey began in 2007 on a Wednesday afternoon when, after attending a Wheelmobile event in Marlborough, MA, I was invited to a closed audition in Boston.  I’m sure I wasn’t the first Wheel of Fortune hopeful to tell my coworkers I had a “dentist appointment” when really I was secretly sneaking off to fulfill a lifelong dream on my favorite TV show.  (Sorry guys…)


    The audition started off well but ended...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Todd M.

    Show Air Date: Oct 06 2015

    I have been a longtime fan of Wheel of Fortune, watching regularly at night when time and life permits.  I do not watch a lot of game shows, but Wheel of Fortune is definitely one, and truly my favorite.  I have a knack for word games and really enjoy watching and “playing” the show from home.  Over the many years of watching the show, it has always been a thought in the back of my mind to be a contestant.  But, probably like most people, it was always a...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Eric B.

    Show Air Date: Oct 02 2015

    As a kid Wheel of Fortune was part of the daily routine – my fondest memories include my dad grilling burgers in the summer and all of us sitting either around and trying to solve the puzzles the fastest – and jabbing at each other when we got it first.  Seemed like those were the good old days and while many things have changed – Wheel has stayed the same – a consistent part of our lives and a comfortable place for the family to come together, be together, and...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Rebecca T.

    Show Air Date: Sep 22 2015

    I am a Kindergarten teacher. I love letters, words, and games (especially hangman!), so Wheel of Fortune is right up my alley! I have watched Wheel of Fortune for as long as I can remember. Throughout the years, friends would poke fun at me because of how much I loved Wheel! I would just smile and say, “I am going to be on the show one day, just wait and see.”

    I loved watching Wheel of Fortune with my grandmother. She encouraged me to try out, so...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Jessica S.

    Show Air Date: Sep 18 2015

    For as long as I can remember, my dad and I have been playing Wheel of Fortune at home to find the better puzzle solver in the family (it’s me). I had applied to be a contestant numerous times, but never got the call. When the Wheelmobile came to a town nearby, my dad and I hit the road to audition early that morning. I couldn’t believe it when, after the final audition, I received the email saying, “See you in LA in two weeks!