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  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Dawn I

    Show Air Date: Oct 19 2018

    We watch Wheel of Fortune every night as a family and my family would always say, "Mom you should be on the show" whenever I would solve a puzzle. Secretly, I've always wanted to be on the show. So when the caller ID read "Sony Studios", I jokingly said to my husband, "That's Wheel of Fortune calling me..." and answered the phone. I almost flipped when it was Wheel of Fortune! They were trying to reach my son to invite him to the auditions in Chicago. I got so excited and told her how we...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Sarah C

    Show Air Date: Jun 05 2019

    Wheel of Fortune has always been a family event.  We would leave the dinner table when we heard the call:  “WHEEEEEEL OF FORRRRTUNE.”  My two daughters, Mary and Kathleen, and I decided to give a shot at applying to be contestants.  We wrote a script and filmed a 90 second video to submit with our applications online.  It worked; we auditioned in New York City. 

    Kathleen was selected to be on last season’s college week. ...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Matt E

    Show Air Date: May 30 2019

    We all grow up with items on our bucket list. I am very fortunate to be able to cross an item off mine: Being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. I always enjoyed puzzles growing up and so I was drawn each night to Wheel of Fortune. Being able to solve puzzles and get paid for it! That’s a dream right there. I remember my dad always saying “You should go on that show” after I’d get the toss-ups before the contestants on TV. So I made it my goal to get on.


  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Jerrica S

    Show Air Date: May 21 2019

    1. What is your Wheel story? Why did you apply to be on Wheel?


    I can remember being a small child and watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy with my mom and older sister.  Now, it’engrained as a part of our family culture.  In the evenings at 7pm we head to the TV and watch the show.  It had always been on my bucket list to be on a game show and when the opportunities came for Wheel of Fortune, I took them and...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Rae W

    Show Air Date: May 13 2019

    To say I’m a game show junkie would be an understatement! As long as I can remember I have watched game shows. It started with my grandmother and What’s My Line, To Tell the Truth, Truth or Consequences, and on and on. For the past 36 years you know which show has been on the top of my list……WHEEL OF FORTUNE! I never thought I would be selected to be on a game show. My daughter saw an ad stating the Wheelmobile would be in El Paso, TX. That’s only 45 minutes...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Mike H

    Show Air Date: May 08 2019

    If you’re reading this, I can only assume you’re a HUGE Wheel of Fortune fan (or you’re a member of my family). I’m writing this BEFORE my episode airs, so if I get some of the details out of order, I sincerely apologize. What matters most is that these events ACTUALLY happened - to ME - in REAL LIFE!

    When the day (finally) arrived to tape my episode of Wheel, I felt as ready as...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Joanna Z

    Show Air Date: Apr 30 2019

    My Wheel experience really started before I was even born, when my dad was a Wheel winner in 1988. His appearance on Wheel has been a pretty significant part of my family, (people STILL bring up that he was on Wheel, 31 years later!) so throughout my life, I hoped more than anything that I’d be on Wheel one day, too.


    When I made the decision that it was the right time to apply, I thought about how I could be creative with my video. So I wrote and recorded a...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Brandon and Rachel

    Show Air Date: Apr 25 2019

    One night while watching Wheel of Fortune I suggested to my wife that we audition. She said we would never get on and if we did would probably embarrass ourselves. With that challenge, I set out to prove her wrong by submitting a video audition. Then, we were invited to a live audition where we got selected to be on a future show. My wife and I were both nervous the days leading up to and the day of the shooting. I started to have fun and relax when we got to spin the wheel for the first...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Tyler B

    Show Air Date: Apr 17 2019

    Never in a million years did I imagine that I would have been given the chance to compete on a game show, let alone my favorite game show in the entire WORLD.  Being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune has been a lifelong dream of mine.  I remember getting excited as a little boy when the letters would ding and Vanna would turn them over.  When I learned that the Wheelmobile was coming to my hometown, I knew that there was no chance I would miss it.  It was a two-day event...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Ryan O

    Show Air Date: Apr 09 2019

    Prairie Dog?!? …… Yup, that’s it!!!

    If you are reading this now, hopefully you watched my episode on Tuesday, April 9th! If not, what are you waiting for!

    Since I was a young boy, I’ve been OBSESSED with game shows, you name it, I’ve watched it as if I were up there! Just about everyone in my family has at some point told be you HAVE to get on Wheel of Fortune and I always just laughed it off….ME?!? The tall, goofy, red-headed...