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  • Wheel of Fortune Game
    New Wheel BINGO

    Play along with America's Game® with the new Wheel BINGO! It's easy to access the free game on wheeloffortune.com on your desktop or mobile device. Bookmark the page and visit each weeknight to play against friends and family or by yourself. Look out for letters, wedges and even Vanna clapping to mark off on your board. Just be sure to yell BINGO when you get five in a row!

  • Wheel of Fortune Game
    Wheel of Fortune® Slots: The Ultimate Collection

    Hit the reels alongside glamorous Vanna White with our new slots machines. Customize and spin the Wheel to hit the jackpot and play the daily sweepstakes for a chance to win $100,000!

  • Wheel of Fortune Game
    Wheel of Fortune Puzzle POP!

    With Vanna White as your host, escape to exotic getaways as you spin, pop, and solve word puzzles written by the show's very own writers. Spin the wheel to get Booster rewards and solve puzzles to a 3-star victory!

  • Wheel of Fortune Game
    Mobile App

    Play through 30 years of Wheel of Fortune's rich history on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as well as Kindle Fire or Android. Take a spin through Solo Mode with Pat Sajak as your host or challenge your friends and family with Pass & Play.

  • Wheel of Fortune Game
    Wheel of Fortune Cubed

    Play Wheel of Fortune with an all-new twist! Spin the wheel and solve the cube in this crossword-inspired puzzle from the creators of Wheel of Fortune. It's a new take on Wheel, where the game board is now a cube you complete by decoding clever clues. With THOUSANDS of randomized puzzle combinations and two addicting gameplay modes, the possibilities are endless. Challenge your friends to spin the iconic wheel and solve the cube, or race the clock in a fast-paced single player mode, Cube Rush.

  • Wheel of Fortune Game
    Wheel Bingo

    Want another way to interact with America’s Game®? You got it. Print out a Wheel Bingo board to add to all the fun of Wheel while you’re watching at home. Play against friends and family while enjoying every puzzle!

  • Wheel of Fortune Game
    The Video Game

    Spin the Wheel along with Pat and Vanna in the latest HD video game. Now available on Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 & Wii U™.

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  • Wheel of Fortune Game
    Cash Game

    Compete for cash and prizes, just like contestants on the actual game show! Visit www.WorldWinner.com or click the button below for more info.

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