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  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Drew S.

    Show Air Date: Apr 28 2015

    I have been watching Wheel of Fortune since its very first show 32 years ago while I was still on active duty in the military. My wife, Lisa, started watching Wheel in college when her and dorm mates would gather in the common room and watch it together. My first attempt to become a contestant on Wheel came when I was a Chief Petty Officer with the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. I was able to contact the right people and they told me they would be doing a...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Donna L.

    Show Air Date: Apr 22 2015

    The year was 1986 and I was 2 years old, being watched by my grandparents. As a 2 year old, you don’t have much choice of what’s being watched on the TV. Therefore, my Wheel journey began! Over the years growing up, I continued to watch the show that I loved for longer than I could remember. Not only did I enjoy watching it, I was good. And I know everyone says that, but I knew deep down I had a knack for all things Wheel and told myself I have GOT to get on that show. So...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Kim W.

    Show Air Date: Apr 15 2015

    Hello fellow Wheel of Fortune lovers! My name is Kim, and I am originally from Lake Zurich, Illinois and now living in Portland, Oregon. I have always been an avid Wheel watcher- my parents and I would sit down together after dinner to watch the show every night. I would constantly tell my mom and dad “I should be on this show!” My first job after college was an entertainment host on cruise ships, so game shows became a big part of my life- I could never have...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Madia R.

    Show Air Date: Apr 06 2015

    Hello! I am originally from South Dayton, New York.  Now, after serving and then accompanying my husband in the US Army for 22 years, we've decided to make Sierra Vista, AZ our home for the past 16 years.  I have always loved word games including board games and hidden word searches.  I even won my high school spelling bee! So when Wheel of Fortune came along, I was all into it.


    My adventure began some 30 years ago, watching Wheel with my husband, Bryant,...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Chris L.

    Show Air Date: Mar 31 2015

    Being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune was better than I could have ever imagined! If you've ever had the thought, "I want to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune," then all I can say is you absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, should go for it! 


    Wheel has been a staple for me as long as I can remember. It was, and still is, my mother's favorite show. It was on every night in my house growing up, and even as a young child I loved the game and always wanted to be...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Rachel R.

    Show Air Date: Mar 25 2015

    I have been a WOF fan since I was a small child.  My sisters and I used to watch the show all the time growing up and we also loved playing the board game.  I’ve continued to watch the show over the years with different roommates, friends and family.  I’ve also always loved playing any kind of word games; especially crossword puzzles and scrabble. 


    I have been applying online for years and have attended two different Wheelmobile events in...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Audree L.

    Show Air Date: Mar 17 2015

    Never give up on your dreams:


    I remember being a little kid watching WOF and dreaming of one day being a contestant.  My WOF journey began some 25 ½ years ago.  I recently graduated high school the summer of 1989 and found a news paper that had an article with audition information for “My” show.  I called and was scheduled for an audition.  I went and did not make it pass the 1st round.  I was disappointed and...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Melanie B.

    Show Air Date: Mar 12 2015

    I love game shows.  I always have.  Even now, you might be able to catch me watching GSN while doing housework.  But my favorite has always been Wheel of Fortune.  I DVR it every day and watch it every night before bed.


    Being on Wheel of Fortune has always been a dream for me – but somehow seemed like such a long-shot.


    About 6 years ago, I heard about the Wheelmobile coming to the Detroit area.  So, I grabbed a friend...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Michelle A.

    Show Air Date: Mar 05 2015

    FATE:  The development of events beyond a person’s control.  My Wheel of Fortune journey had many twists and turns of fate.  It truly began back when I was a little girl.  I loved to spell, I loved words.  I remember driving in my parents’ station wagon and passing billboard signs, then trying to spell each and every word I’d just seen.  It was great practice for spelling.  I competed in spelling bees and loved it when my teachers would...

  • John Smith

    Contestant Name: Edward L

    Show Air Date: Feb 27 2015

    Being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune is a once in a lifetime, amazingly unique experience.   With that being said, here are a few words of wisdom from one contestant to another.


    First off, prepare diligently.  You do not want to show up the day of your show and afterwards say to yourself, "Geez, I wasn't as prepared as some of the other contestants."  And trust me when I say that at your taping will be the "creme de la creme" of wheel watchers.  So...