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Enjoy the “Wheel-y” awesome perks!

Love Wheel? We get it! That’s why we created a club for folks like you. It’s called the Wheel Watchers Club and it’s totally free to join. To start, you get a personal SPIN ID — this is your ticket to winning big. During each show starting January 16th, our announcer Jim Thornton calls out a Wheel Watchers Club member’s SPIN ID, and when he does, that member is the winner of $5,000 cash.* And that cash could very well be yours! But you have to watch the show and then visit WheelofFortune.com to verify that your number was called (within 24 hours). In addition to having a chance every weeknight to win $5K, members can also earn gain access to VIP tickets, receive special offers from our partners and more. *Subject to verification of eligibility. See official rules for details.

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